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An operations and program consulting service that helps businesses improve operational functions, reach foreign markets, and deliver world-class customer experiences. Demonstrated success in launching programs in North America, Europe, and Africa.


Full NameDavid P. Keys

LocationGuanajuato, MX

My Story

I help organizations create systems and frameworks to achieve operational excellence. The services I provide range from building support teams to localizing websites for new markets to forming complete operational strategies. Browse my full service offering and portfolio via the menus above.

As a location independent consultant, I have flexibility in where I work, which offers clients greater access to my services.

  • Managed the Localization of Kindle Direct Publishing for France & Germany
  • Consolidated Booksurge & CreateSpace Customer Service Teams
  • Launched and Managed Amazon Seller Support Operations in South Africa
  • Formed the Migration Strategy of Amazon Vendor Ops from Corporate to CS Sites

About Me

Growing up in a military family may have destined me for a life of travel and voluntary chaos. I've lived in four states and three countries over the past 10 years, but have enjoyed the freedom that travel offers and the challenges that come with new territories.

When I'm not helping start-ups with their hustle, I'm managing Nomadica, the company I founded to offer travelers eco friendly clothing for their journey. I'm also an avid trader and love to get outdoors with my wife and son.

I am married to an incredible young-adult fiction writer who also enjoys life on the road as it provides her with new ideas and perspectives for her novels. We have one son who is just getting past his terrible-twos and a master manipulator of both his parents. As one author titled his book to fathers - "This is ridiculous, This is amazing"

Current Location: Guanajuato, MX
Next Location: Spokane, WA

COUNTRIES WORKED IN: Croatia - Costa Rica - Germany - Hungary - India - Ireland - Luxembourg - Mexico - Philippines - Slovakia - South Africa - Thailand - United Kingdom - United States

COUNTRIES VISITED: Argentina - Austria - Belgium - Bosnia - Canada - Croatia - Costa Rica - Denmark - France - Germany - Hungary - Hong Kong - India - Ireland - Japan - Luxembourg - Malaysia - Mexico - Netherlands - Philippines - Slovakia - South Africa - Sweden - United Kingdom - United States - Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you consider yourself a Generalist or a Specialist?
I have experience in areas of Physical Security, Health & Safety, Outsourcing, Program & Product Management and Contact Center Operations. However, my preferred and specialized areas of focus are Process Engineering and Strategic Ops Planning for web-based products and service teams.

What does location independent mean?
Location Independent simply means that I don't have a definitive residence or location throughout the year. I maintain a "home base" in Spokane, WA (USA), but often reside outside the States for both work and pleasure.

Do you ever work on-site with clients or are you only available remotely?
I generally work remotely (Skype, conference calls, chat and email), but it depends on the circumstances. Is the engagement longer than 3 months or involving transformative change? I'll probably need to spend time with the teams on site to gain proper context before offering advice or solutions.

Do you work with an agency or with a partner?
I work directly with my clients as an independent consultant. On occasion, a project may require a specialist - for example, an Italian Translator or a Database Engineer. Clients are informed of such requirements upfront and we agree on terms of employment, costing, etc. before any contract is extended.


Email Address: david@travelingpm.com
Mobile: (206) 395-3661
LinkedIn: https://za.linkedin.com/in/travelingpm